A Review of Your Goals

As an individual investor looking to find quality Commodity Trading Advisors and managed futures programs, there are several ways we can work with you. Regardless of which makes sense for you, all working relationships begin with a conversation and a review of your needs and goals. Whether you are simply gathering information or are looking to make an allocation, our experienced team members can discuss with you some possible ways to help.

Your Managed Futures Goals

A Review of Your Portfolio

As part of our commitment to providing investors with the most comprehensive and complete understanding of managed futures and alternative investment products, Altegris Clearing Solutions offers managed futures portfolio review services. These services, which are provided free of charge, enable investors to benefit from our deep knowledge in the managed futures, and can give insight into how managed futures can potentially improve the performance of a traditional portfolio.

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Access to Our Managed Futures Software and Tools

After speaking with one of our team members, we can provide you with access to our technology, including tools that will allow you to easily review and analyze the hundreds of CTAs that we track.

Helping You Choose and Invest With Suitable CTAs

If you decide you would like to make an investment in the managed futures portion of your portfolio, the Altegris Clearing Solutions experts, in conjunction with the Altegris product review team, can help you. We can give you our recommendations regarding the CTAs chosen for the Altegris platform, and can also provide you with opinions regarding many of the hundreds of other programs not on our platform. In either case, our Altegris Clearing Solutions team can help you through the investing process.

Helping You Monitor Your Investments

Tracking and monitoring is a key element of successful portfolio management. After investing in a product, Altegris clients are given access to AltegrisNet, our proprietary client account software, which provides access to powerful snapshots, summaries and details of manager performance in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

Getting Started

To speak with one of the experienced Altegris representatives about your managed futures needs, simply call us at (800) 828-5225, Email us or click here, to fill out an information form and a representative will get in touch with you. We look forward to hearing from you.