A Review of Your Needs

Working with you involves first and foremost a deep understanding of your needs. We begin every institutional relationship by discussing your existing portfolio, existing resources and goals. From here, we may be able to structure a number of different working relationships to best suit you.

Working With ManagedFutures.com

Access to Our Managed Futures Software and Tools

After registering and speaking with us, we can provide our institutional clients with access to our technology, including tools that will allow you to easily review and analyze the hundreds of CTAs that we track. In particular, we work with you using our sophisticated analytical software package Altegris Analytics, which Altegris uses to help analyze performance data on the products we track, including all of the CTAs on our platform of approved products.

Consulting Relationships to Help You Find CTAs

Whether you are interested in the managed futures programs from our recommended platform or other managed futures programs, we are able to structure a consulting arrangement with you, if desired. This arrangement typically includes search services, analysis and recommendations, relying heavily on the significant experience of our principals and the managed futures experts we have in-house. Deliverables for these arrangements may include quarterly reports, written portfolio reviews, individual product analysis, and other ad-hoc opinions and advice.

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Help Monitoring Your Investments

Tracking and monitoring is a key element of successful portfolio management. After investing in a product in our platform, Altegris institutional clients are given access to AltegrisNet, our proprietary client account software, which provides access to powerful snapshots, summaries and details of manager performance in a concise and easy-to-understand format.