One of the Most Visible Managed Futures Sites on the Web is one of the most visible managed futures website in the world.* We are experts in the research and evaluation of managed futures investment programs, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) and Commodty Pool Operators (CPOs).

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Managed futures investors today are more sophisticated than ever, and are hungry for information. Because of our visibility on the internet, we have many interested investors visiting our website every day.

Registering your company and your individual programs with us, and providing our managed futures team with regular performance updates, may give your program more exposure and help you build assets. The members area of also allows you to make your Disclosure Document available for potential investors to download, to jumpstart the investment process.

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In our Manager Corner, registered CTAs and other money managers can view their program information alongside all of the other managers we track. It's an easy way to help you measure your performance. See how your program compares to those of similar track record, size and strategy. Benchmark your program against indices like the Altegris 40™ Index. It's easy to do in the Manager Corner.

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Competition for assets in today's alternative investments arena is fierce. Our Product Review Team is constantly on the search for talented CTAs and other money managers - talent that we believe is real, sustainable and that meets our clients' demands. Having your program added to the Altegris recommended Managed Account Platform can be an effective way to get your product in front of a large group of suitable investors with whom we have relationships, and allow you to focus on trading. Current Altegris clients have over $2.5 billion in trading level allocated with the CTAs, hedge fund and futures fund managers on the Altegris platform.

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