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Whether you are interested in gaining exposure for an individual investment program, growing your assets or building your back-office capabilities, the first step for CTAs or CPOs is registering your company with us.

If you have previously registered your company with us and would like to add or edit a specific investment program, including updating performance numbers, please LOG IN now.

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CFTC as CTA - Commodity Trading Advisor (US)
CFTC as CPO - Commodity Pool Operator (US)
CFTC as IB - Introducing Broker (US)
OSC - Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)
FSA - Financial Services Authority (UK)
AMF - Autorité des Marchés Financiers (France)
HK SFC - Securities & Futures Commission (Hong Kong)
FSA - Financial Services Agency (Japan)
ASIC - Securities and Investment Commission (Australia)
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