Altegris Analytics: Managed Futures Research Software

Our analytical software package, known as "Altegris Analytics", is a powerful tool enabling you to generate customized studies, program evaluations and performance rankings for individual CTAs and for sample historical multi-advisor portfolios. Using the most recent data supplied by the hundreds of CTAs that we track at, the program's powerful allocation module can be used to design and evaluate a range of CTA portfolios, modeled on your own risk/reward profile.

This leading-edge investment research software creates profiles for CTAs using the most current data on our web-connected database servers. Altegris Analytics is one of the ways we bring investors the most thorough, complete and comprehensive research on managed futures and alternative investment products.

Request a Demo

To request a demo of the Altegris Analytics software for a trial period, call us at (858) 731-8566 and speak with one of our managed futures experts.