Tools to Help You Rank and Analyze CTAs

Altegris’s managed futures capability is centered on finding what we believe to be high quality Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), and high quality managed futures programs, to enable our clients to successfully diversify their portfolios.

Managed Futures Research Tools

With this in mind, we have built a suite of technological tools that allow us to gather and analyze data on thousands of individual CTA programs and other alternative investments, and that enable our clients to compare and track their investments.

Robust Commodity Trading Advisor Analysis

Our sophisticated software Altegris Analytics, was developed specifically with the needs of managed futures and alternative investment investments in mind.

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Detailed Information for the Programs on Our Platform

Through the Altegris Private Investment Arena, investors can easily browse and compare detailed information on a customized set of CTA programs chosen from the Altegris approved platform, including performance track records, strategy, manager bios, manager presentations, commentaries and more.

Contract-by-Contract Position Analysis for CTA Investments

Our AltegrisNet software gives managed account investors the ability to analyze positions on a contract-by-contract basis for investments on the Altegris platform. The software also allows Altegris clients to monitor cumulative profit and loss, single manager contributions to total performance, and capital accounting.

Customized Portfolio Proposals Upon Request

The team can create, upon request, a customized portfolio allocation document, which provides an easy way to compare and analyze individual managed futures programs in the context of a multi-product allocation. Many of our clients find this to be a useful tool in the examination of inter-portfolio correlations, and to summarize a proposed investment.

If you would like more information on our technology or how we can put it to work for you, please call us at (858) 731-8566 or email us at