Altegris CTA Manager Selection Process

With years of alternatives experience, we know what to look for, what to ask, and most importantly — what to avoid. This expertise equips Altegris Clearing Solutions, LLC and its affiliates to navigate the universe of commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and managed futures trading programs to find those that we believe best suit our clients' investment goals and objectives.* And our job doesn’t stop there. We continually evaluate and analyze our selections and make changes when necessary to ensure that the line-up of CTAs that we recommend for our clients represents what we believe are best-of-breed managers.

Our CTA manager selection process is performed primarily by the Research and Investments Group within Altegris Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of Altegris Clearing Solutions and a company within the Altegris Group of Companies. Altegris Advisors provides advisory, consultancy and due diligence support for all of the investment funds, strategies and/or managers as are sponsored, advised or recommended, as applicable, by the Altegris Group of Companies.*


Altegris continually searches the universe of CTAs and managed futures trading programs to identify new opportunities for our clients. Blending top-down viewpoints and bottom-up analysis helps us to continually bring new ideas into the Altegris manager selection and review process.

Assessment and Manager Selection

Once specific CTAs and managed futures trading programs have been identified as potential candidates for recommendation by Altegris, the Research and Investments Group at Altegris Advisors gathers information that includes reviewing key documents, interviewing managers, and analyzing performance, as well as a review of the investment strategy and operations for the CTA and trading program under consideration, and background checks of key employees of the CTA firm.

The final results of the assessment are reviewed by a committee comprised of both senior members of management within the Altegris Companies and seasoned futures investment professionals within the Research and Investments Group, and a decision is made by this committee on whether to select the CTA and its trading program for inclusion on the Altegris platform of recommended CTA programs. Approval requires unanimous committee consent.

Ongoing Evaluation and Analysis

Our job isn’t over once a CTA and its trading program have been selected. The Research and Investments Group will continually monitor the CTA's strategy and program performance and periodically follow-up with each CTA, by conference calls or face-to-face meetings, as appropriate, to monitor any significant changes or events that might cause a decision to reconsider, or possibly remove, a CTA or its trading program from our recommended list.